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The General Practice Training and Education Conference 2016 is over for another year and yet again, it delivered. Held on the sunny Gold Coast, this year’s theme was Embracing the Future, showcasing ways to enhance GP education through embracing emerging, innovative technologies. The sub-themes of Embracing Diversity and Embracing Each Other were also explored.

GPTEC is a yearly collaboration run by the nine Regional Training Organisations. It’s a great opportunity for educators and trainers to gather together face-to-face to share best practices. If you weren’t able to make it, we’ve got you covered. Grab a cuppa – or a bevvy if it’s after hours – sit back and enjoy the highlights.

Video 1: Welcome and keynote – How futurists think

In this video, keynote speaker Craig Rispin takes you on a trip to the future. He talks about emerging technology trends transforming primary healthcare and medical training around the world. He discussed how they will impact your industry and how to lead that change, rather than just let it happen around you.

Video 2: Teams and boundaries, “I feel like there’s a distance between us …”

Times have changed and so have the RTO boundaries. This shift has resulted in the formation of new RTOs from geographically diverse locations. A challenge these RTOs face is how best to mesh and meld their previous ways of working with their new team, particularly when opportunities for face-to-face catch-ups are limited. This presentation addresses the issue of how to develop effective teams in geographically diverse locations plus highlights some interesting strategies to build a cohesive team.

Video 3: Embracing the future: Life hacks to make you happy (in a crazy world)

This hack-filled video will satisfy the techies. Margo Field takes you on a journey through the ‘app’ world, offering up a range of apps and gadgets designed to produce a calmer, more self-regulated and hopefully happier you. Margo presents the science behind the techniques used in these new technologies and how they might be applicable to you. Apps and gadgets covered include:

  • the Spire
  • Heart Math
  • The Leaf
  • Headspace
  • Mindful

Video 4: The bright future for medical education – Combining creativity and discipline

Apart from her ER duties at Gold Coast Health Service, Dr Victoria Brazil is also the Director of the Clinical Simulation program at Bond University. As one of GPTEC 2016 keynote speakers, in this video she explores the opportunities all medical educators have to combine their creativity and discipline to achieve educational gains for their students. Using a series of case study examples, Victoria highlights their successes and failures, offering up out-of-the-box strategies and solutions to help you harness your creative self.

Video 5: 20 by 20, creating a Pecha Kucha

In this video, Paul Grinzi challenges workshop participants to create an educational video consisting of 20 slides, allowing them only 20 seconds to present each one. He illustrates the steps involved in creating a slick, focused educational resource designed to not only capture attention, but hold it for the entire presenting time of six minutes and 40 seconds.

Video 6: Quality supervision – The key to quality general practice

Aimed at helping you upskill your RTO, this interactive workshop involves table and whole group discussions designed to quickly share information and best practice. It focuses on helping you strengthen the foundations of your RTO by providing information on:

  • the variety of professional development opportunities available
  • the requirements for accreditation of a new supervisor
  • the requirements of other RTOs for the ongoing accreditation of supervisors
  • the pros and cons of a points system for ongoing accreditation of supervisors

A highlight is the exploration of the question: should professional development external to your RTO reduce the requirement for attendance at RTO professional development workshops?

Video 7: SoMe FOAM: Educational leadership in the digital age – panel discussion

How can social media be used to effectively and efficiently enhance GP education? This lively panel discussion seeks to answer this question along with many more from the audience. Discussion topics include:

  • how you can use social media to create content for your students
  • how to turn passive listeners into active collaborators
  • how to quickly collate information and share knowledge
  • how to use social media to provide professional advocacy and peer support

Panel participants (all active social media users in their practices):

  • Dr Bastian Seidel – President Elect of the RACGP
  • Dr Nicole Higgins – a supervisor with GPSA and medical educator, co-admin GPDU
  • Dr Paul Grinzi – medical educator from rural Victoria
  • Dr John Buckley – director of medical education with GPTQ
  • Dr Genevieve Yates – a medical educator with MDA National
  • Dr Stephen Lambert – a registrar
  • Dr Tim Leeuwenberg – a GP, supervisor and co-admin GPDU

Video 8: Closing Plenary

This video features GPTEC 2016’s favourites as voted by attendees. The top six six doctors and medical educators take questions from the audience covering a range of topics. Questions like ‘How do you think medical teams are changing and how can we adapt?’; ‘What can GPTEC do better to optimise the conference for participants?’ and the always enlightening ‘How will you be different next week from being here?’