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So, you are considering ‘going rural’ for your career in general practice and pursuing the AGPT rural pathway as an ACRRM Registrar? This option is one that can deliver amazing work and lifestyle opportunities.


If you decide it’s for you GPTQ will be with you every step of the way. Here is how we support our ACRRM Registrars and ensure that their training experience is everything they want it to be.


  1. ‘Mentor’ support

Throughout your ACRRM training, GPTQ will provide access to rural mentors and rural medical educators to support and guide you on your journey. As you progress through each phase of training a rural medical educator will be there as an educator, of course, but also to offer advice and pastoral support when you need it. When it comes time for Advanced Skills Training, GPTQ will connect you with a rural mentor who practices your advanced skill. The bonds established between Registrars and their medical educators and mentors often remain throughout a career.


  1. Creating the right educational environment for your needs

GPTQ’s District and Hub Model for GP education and training is centred around flexibility and the delivery of highly nuanced, face-to-face and video-conference teaching by our expert Medical Education team. The model has been designed to utilise a structure of small geographically defined groups or ‘hubs’. Within your hub you will learn and grow alongside other rural registrars, establishing strong peer to peer relationships and developing equally strong relationships with your educators and local medical staff. The hub is designed to be a share-point for advice, expertise and local knowledge.


  1. Tailored exam preparation

At GPTQ we begin our exam preparation early by integrating clinical reasoning into our regular hub/district teaching program. This includes specific clinical reasoning sessions known as ‘Stump-The-Chump’, where Registrars along with Supervisors and medical educators review and analyse cases. Online education modules are made available for all Registrars and extension materials that include emergency/inpatient/transfer elements are available for our rural registrars. We host pre-exam workshops for ACRRM Registrars and an intensive eight week StAMPS preparation program, developed and run by GPTQ ACRRM Medical Educators. This is followed with a mock StAMPS exam where you will participate in person or via videoconference and time is spent dissecting the exam and providing feedback after each case.


  1. Securing your ‘best fit’ practice placement

When it comes time to find the practice and hospital that is going to give you the ‘hands on’ rural training experience you’re after, GPTQ will be in your corner. We have an established network of training practices that allow our Registrars to explore placements in a variety of community health and secondary care settings. GPTQ works closely with local general practices, Public Health Networks, Queensland Health and The Queensland rural generalist pathway to make sure you are matched with a placement that will deliver exciting training experiences in an environment that is fully supportive.


  1. Connecting you with your tribe

GPTQ works hard to make sure each cohort of ACRRM Registrars establishes and then maintains strong connections throughout their training journey. We do this by facilitating a range of social networking events, face-to-face meetings and workshops. We also help you build your own online communities through our dedicated ACRRM registrar Facebook group. We know how important it is for peers to share their experiences and provide each other with friendship and support along the training pathway.


  1. Extra rural incentives

As you are probably aware, many regional and rural areas experience a shortage of medical staff, including medical students, registrars and GPs. GPTQ can help you access a range of opportunities that have been designed to incentivise rural general practice training for rural registrars. These include the Federal Government’s Workforce Incentive Program (WIPs) and the GPTQ Rural Support Policy, which includes significant reimbursements for living and working in some rural communities.


To learn more about pursuing the AGPT Program on the rural pathway as an ACRRM registrar, register for one of our upcoming information webinars or contact GPTQ directly with your questions on (07) 3552 8100 or applicant.enquiries@gptq.qld.edu.au