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Withcott is a small town in the Lockyer Valley region. Today it has become a commuter settlement for Toowoomba and also plays a role in the road freight industry, thanks to its good highway links. Withcott has a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters. Temperatures occasionally drop below freezing but hard frosts are rare. Rainfall is moderate, and peaks in December and February.

Population – 1,844
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander percentage of population – 2.5 percent
Closest major town – Toowoomba (8.7 km)
Distance from airport – Toowoomba (14 km)

Brisbane International (131 km)
Cinemas – 0
Restaurants – 2
Pubs/bars – 1
Primary schools – 1
Secondary schools – 0
Tertiary education providers – 0
Max average temp – 28.2°C
Min average temp – 6.5°C
  • Population – 1,711
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander percentage of population – 2.2%
  • Closest major town – Toowoomba (10 km)
  • Distance from airport – Toowoomba (10.71 km), Brisbane International (109.46 km)
  • Cinemas – 0
  • Restaurants – 1
  • Pubs/bars – 1
  • Primary schools – 1
  • Secondary schools – 0
  • Tertiary education providers – 0
  • Max average temp – 28.1°C
  • Min average temp – 6.4°C

The location

Withcott is located on the Great Dividing Range around 10 km east of Toowoomba. It sits on the Warrego Highway.

The People

Withcott’s population has a median age of 37, which is exactly the state average. This is mainly due to an abundance of young adolescents and above average rates of adults aged 50 to 65. A very high percentage of residents are married.

Currently, 2.5 percent of Withcott people are from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. Unfortunately, early while settlers displaced and scattered the Giabal, and little of their culture survives. Today’s Aboriginal inhabitants are a mix of several different language groups.

The Medicine

Medical services are provided locally at the Withcott Medical Centre or Warrego Medical Centre. There is no local hospital, ambulance service or aged care services but all of this is available in nearby Toowoomba. The medical centre provides care in emergency medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, mental health, asthma, diet and nutrition, general medicine, well women work, occupational health, skin cancer treatment and checks, chronic disease management, sexual health and consultations for newborns.

Withcott’s medical profile is not significantly disadvantaged. However, some lifestyle factors are a concern, with smoking prevalence being quite high and the majority of residents having an unhealthy weight.

Withcott is in the Darling Downs & West Moreton PHN and is rated RA2.


Withcott has one day-care centre and its only other school is a state primary, Withcott Primary. Beyond the primary grades, most students are educated in nearby Toowoomba. The closest university campus is The University of Southern Queensland – Toowoomba, which is within commuting distance at 15.6 kilometres.

Career options for partners

Unemployment in Withcott is significantly below average, at 3.5 percent. The main local employment sectors are healthcare and primary education. There’s a shortage of professional positions in town, but many residents commute the short distance into Toowoomba for work.

There are some part-time opportunities, with 32 percent of residents working part-time, mainly in retail. For a small community, there are a lot of civic opportunities, with 24.7 percent of people involved in voluntary work with an organisation or group. This is well over the Queensland average of 18.8 percent. Apart from the smaller local charities in town, St. Vincent de Paul operates from Toowoomba.

Arts and Culture

Because of Withcott’s small size, there aren’t a lot of cultural activities but Toowoomba is only 14 km away, so it’s easy to take a short trip and find plenty to do. There are some music teachers locally, including lessons for clarinet and piano.

Great Outdoors

Withcott is an ideal location if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Its location on the Great Dividing Range gives easy access to plenty of hills and forests; there’s some spectacular scenery just to the west of town. Bush walks in nearby Jubilee Park or Table Top Park are popular with the local population and easily within reach.

Two national parks are also close by. Ravensbourne National Park has some of Queensland’s best preserved native rainforest and is a favourite with bird-watchers, while Crow’s Nest National Park offers campsites and a dramatic landscape of cliffs and waterfalls. In addition, there are several regional parks including:

  • Jubilee Park
  • Table Top Park
  • Burrambin Park
  • Forest Hall
  • Jean Biggs Park

If organised sports are more your interest, there are soccer and basketball clubs. The town has a well-equipped sports centre with indoor courts for basketball and netball as well as a nearby equestrian centre. Additional activities are available in Toowoomba, which is within easy reach. The town supports both the Withcott Football Club and the Withcott Basketball Club. The Withcott Wildcats, the local soccer team, is very popular in town as well.

Social Scene

The town’s social centre is the Withcott Hotel, which serves meals as well as having a friendly traditional bar. Only 14 kms away in Toowoomba you’ll find a wealth of other social offerings.

Food and Drink

As you’d expect in a community this size, Withcott doesn’t support a wide range of places to dine out. There is a café, however, and it also does pizzas and other Italian dishes. For more options, Toowoomba is only a short drive away.


Withcott’s population has been growing steadily since the 1980s, so the housing stock is of variable age. Homes tend to be quite spacious, and almost all are separate houses. Demand and affordability are about average.

The median price for an average four-bedroom house in town is $430,000, with rent on a similar sized home averaging $430 per week.


Transportation in and out of town is somewhat limited as Withcott does not have a railway station. You can, however, book travel on the local bus lines. Greyhound and Murrays Coaches link Withcott to Toowoomba and Brisbane. If driving a car is your preferred travel mode, the Warrego Highway links Withcott to Toowoomba, Brisbane and the rest of the state highway network.

Other attractions

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