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This little town is a surfer’s paradise with a beautiful location and mild subtropical weather, surrounded by sand, beach, forest and bush. For anyone who loves the outdoors, there is plenty to do in Point Lookout, but don’t expect a busy nightlife. Residents tend to go to nearby Dunwich for sports facilities such as a golf course and the Rugby League & All Sports Club, or take the Dunwich ferry to Brisbane.

Population – 713
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander percentage of population – 2.5 percent
Closest major town – Brisbane
Distance from airport – Brisbane Airport (81.6 km),
Brisbane International (81.9 km with tolls)
Cinemas – 0
Restaurants – 9
Pubs/bars – 2
Primary schools – 0
Secondary schools – 0
Tertiary education providers – 0
Max average temp – 29.4°C
Min average temp – 13.6°C

  • Population – 678
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander percentage of population – 3.2%
  • Closest major town – Brisbane
  • Distance from airport – Brisbane (61 km)
  • Cinemas – 0
  • Restaurants – 8
  • Pubs/bars – 2
  • Primary schools – 1
  • Secondary schools – 0
  • Tertiary education providers – 0
  • Max average temp – 29.2⁰C
  • Min average temp – 13.6⁰C

The location

Point Lookout is located on the northeast corner of North Stradbroke Island. Sitting on the northern tip of the island, it looks out over the Pacific Ocean.

The People

With a smaller population than Dunwich, the median age is 53, considerably higher than either the national or state averages. Unsurprisingly, nearly half the population is 55+ and just under a quarter of the town’s population are 65+. They have quite a low number of Aboriginal and Torres Islander people, below the national average and even lower than the average for North Stradbroke. There is a sizable Buddhist presence in the town and the island’s Catholic Church, St. Peter Chanel, is in Point Lookout.

The Medicine

Point Lookout has Stradbroke Island Medical Centre but no hospital. The closest hospital is on the mainland in Cleveland. The closest aged care facility is in Dunwich, as is the closest ambulance station.

Although Point Lookout is a popular – and quite expensive – place to live, its health profile is somewhat deprived. Median income is slightly below the Queensland average. There is also a relatively high proportion of elderly people in the town, with a corresponding prevalence of chronic conditions.

Point Lookout is in the Brisbane South PHN and is rated RA4.


The only school on the island is Dunwich State School in Dunwich. This school accepts students from Prep through Year 10. For education beyond this, residents send children to boarding schools on the mainland. There are no other educational facilities in Point Lookout, but three universities in Brisbane can be accessed by ferry and road on the mainland.

Career options for partners

Because of slow growth on the island, the job market tends to focus on either the mining industry in South Stradbroke or as part of the accommodation/food industry catering to tourists. The largest number of professional opportunities are in education.

Most of the tourism-related work is part time and there is a very high rate of volunteerism in the town. Most of the charities are run out of nearby Dunwich.

Arts and Culture

There are a few private classes available in town, with more in nearby Dunwich. Residents go to Dunwich for the local Salt Water Murris’ Art Gallery and North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum, as well as any creative arts workshops.

Great Outdoors

For many residents, the lure of the outdoors is the reason for living here. Surfing is huge, with fishing running a close second. The long, sandy shore (34 km of beach) is popular with many for picnics and just watching the huge waves as surfers ride them in to the shore.

Nearby Eighteen Mile Swamp is a popular destination for both bird-watchers and hikers, with Blue Lake National Park attracting swimmers and lovers of fishing. There are many opportunities for bush walking in the area, as well as plenty of places to camp. Because the area has many small roads, bicycles are a common sight, with many venturing out from Point Lookout to enjoy the natural scenery.

For those that love the beach and want to be a part of a club there is a Surf Life Saving Club that is both rewarding and inclusive to new members regardless of age or ability. They also offer a Junior Activities program that teaches valuable surf awareness and resuscitation skills to young members.

Social Scene

The town is fairly quiet in terms of an active social scene. With surfing and fishing dominating activities, many of the social groups revolve around sports or the outdoors. The two local pubs cater primarily for the tourist trade but also provide a social focus for town residents in the evenings. The Point Lookout Markets are another great way to get to know the community and usually take place once or twice a month at the Point Lookout Bowls Club.

Food and Drink

The tourist business supports more restaurants and pubs then you would expect from the size of the town. With Point Lookout’s location near the Pacific Ocean, most of the restaurants specialise in fresh local seafood. The Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel has a popular pub and the Bowling Club pub is also quite busy.


The town boasts quite an upscale housing stock, the majority being separate houses that tend to be spacious. Many of the homes are new and construction standards are high. The median price of a three-bedroom home in Point Lookout is $785,000, though, houses on the market tend to be four-bedroom and sell for $817,000. There is very little rental stock in town.


The Island has a network of roads that connect Point Lookout to the other towns on the island, via either sealed or unsealed roads. North Stradbroke Island Bus Service connects all three communities with an hourly bus service. For connections to the mainland, ferry service from Dunwich to Cleveland includes both car and bus connections on to Brisbane.

Other attractions

Broadband – Point Lookout is covered by ADSL2+, mobile broadband and NBN fibre cable.