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Our training practices in southeast Queensland

GP practices in southeast Queensland (featured image)

Learn general practice through first-hand experience

There are more than 560 training practices within our region. These are GP clinics and medical centres that are accredited to accept and train GP registrars through to registration.

First year registrars on our program apply for placement in a practice via a matched allocation process, which is similar to a job application process. Once accepted into a placement, registrars practise under the guidance of GP supervisors for the duration of their term.

Find out more about our GP training program here.

You can peruse our training practices in the MyPLACEMENT tool, which enables you to search by location.

Think of [the patient] as a whole person, not as a presenting complaint to be solved with an operation or a prescription.

Dr Michael Rice, GP Supervisor at Beaudesert Medical Centre

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