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2023 Intake – Visa Holder Applicants

2023 ACRRM AGPT Intake – Visa Holder Applicant information

Important Information for visa holders seeking General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ) Support

Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) will allow applications for the 2023 AGPT Intake from the following visa holders who meet the conditions listed below.

The following visa holder classifications are considered:

Please note that GPTQ will not be offering letters of support for RACGP applicants to SE QLD in the 2023 intake.

Applicants to the ACRRM 2023 intake in SE QLD will be able to submit an application under the following ACRRM guidelines:

  • For SE QLD, the following visa classes will be supported: TSS subclass 457, 482, 491 and 494. (This may vary for other RTOs. Please refer to the ACRRM eligibility guide).
  • The applicant must contact ACRRM (not GPTQ) for a letter of support and submit a statutory declaration before close of applications, stating their intent to become a permanent resident in Australia by the completion of the AGPT Program, or
  • The applicant must contact ACRRM for a letter of support and provide proof of an active Australian permanent residency application before close of applications or
  • The applicant must gain Australian permanent residency before close of applications.

Applicants should be mindful that a Letter of Support only supports the application process and applicants will, from that point on, proceed through the nominated competitive college selection process.  A Letter of Support does not guarantee an applicant of a shortlisting to the training region.

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