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We received your valuable feedback about GPTQ’s accreditation process, and we’ve listened. Here, GPTQ’s Business Process Improvement Lead, Lisa Cox, shares the significant changes we’ve made to our application process in response to your input, whilst also ensuring it aligns with the updated RACGP and ACRRM training standards.

The changes

Lisa says the changes comprise two parts – a new accreditation application guide and an online application tool.

“The guide explains the GPTQ accreditation process, walking you through it in five easy steps. The starting point is a self-assessment that helps you understand the standards that are applicable, and consider how your facility can address each one. If you feel comfortable, you can then move onto the next phase in the application process,” she says.

As for the new application tool, Lisa says there are a host of improvements. The major ones are:

  1. It’s paperless

Lisa says: “The new tool shifts the focus from paper to online and enables documentary evidence to be uploaded within the tool itself. It also contains conditional questions that are contextualised to your situation. You’re only asked questions that are applicable to your facility and the registrars you wish to train.”

  1. A single tool for all application types

You can use it whether you’re a facility applying for accreditation for the first time, or a GPTQ accredited training post requiring reaccreditation. You can also use it if you’re wanting to add a new supervisor, or looking to upgrade to train first year registrars in addition to those in their second training year.

“It’s one link, one tool, one central place to go to for all types of applications,” Lisa says.

  1. You’ll benefit from increased efficiency

“We’ve streamlined the process to reduce the number of documents you need to submit, plus you can now upload the required documents within the application. There’s no more time wasted following up missing information you may have overlooked in your application,” she says.

“This all means a faster progression through the various channels and quicker decisions.”

  1. You can do it in your own time

As the application is now entirely web-based, you can return to it as many times as you like.

“We don’t expect you to fill it in from A to Z in one sitting. You can save and return to it at any time. We appreciate how valuable that functionality is for you as busy supervisors and practice managers,” Lisa explains.


What we’d love from you – more feedback please!

Lisa says there is one further feature in the online application – a brief pop-up survey at the end.

“We’d really appreciate any feedback you have about the guide and the online application tool. It will help us to understand if any further tweaks are required, which we’re more than happy to make.”