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Dr Ghazal Ghodosi started as GPTQ’s Rural Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) in February this year and is excited about supporting her peer.

Ghazal’s role is to act as an advocate for registrars, both to GPTQ and nationally. But the RLO also plays a pastoral role by providing professional and personal support. Essentially they exist to be a registrar’s safe place.

“I see myself as having an intermediate role where I can help registrars directly with issues while guiding them to appropriate resources. I also want to ensure they’re up-to-date and connected to all that’s going on within GPTQ and beyond. If I can identify areas that we can try to improve registrar teaching and support, that’s even better.”

Ghazal brings a unique perspective to the role

Ghazal is currently in her final year of training towards her ACRRM Fellowship. She has a wealth of rural experience and understands all too well how challenging – yet rewarding – rural general practice can be.

“Most rural towns operate on the old model where the doctor who works at the local hospital also works at the GP practice. A couple of years ago when I was doing a relieving term, I worked in Richmond in the middle of Queensland and also up in the Atherton Tablelands. Both times, I was the only doctor in the whole town and ran both the hospital and the GP practice. They were massive roles for a second year out. It helped me realise the importance of support,” she says.

Ghazal enjoyed the nature of splitting her time between general practice and hospital work so much that she still does it. She currently practices half-time at Murgon Family Medical Practice and half-time at Murgon and Cherbourg hospitals, where she also engages in teaching medical students and staff.

Giving rural registrars a voice

Ghazal has spent all her training and practice time in rural Queensland. When she was approached by GPTQ to consider the role, she grabbed the chance to be a voice for rural registrars.

Need help?

If you’d like to learn more about how Ghazal can help you as RLO, contact her via email on rural_rlo@gptq.qld.edu.au or consider connecting with her and other rural registrars via the GPTQ registrar Facebook page.