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While the GPTQ hospital registrars facebook group was only created in May 2017, Jaime recognised the need long ago for a safe place where registrars could discuss and share information about their work and training.
“It was apparent that we needed a platform where hospital registrars could come together and get to know each other as well as GPTQ. Hospital based training time can sometimes feel a little disconnected from the endpoint of becoming a GP and we wanted to change that.”

We asked Jaime for more details about the group, including why you should join!

What’s the purpose of the Facebook group?
The GPTQ hospital registrars facebook group is designed to address the issues important to hospital registrars and to help them see the relevance in their current training terms. Most of all it’s to help registrars feel prepared for GP terms to come. We encourage everyone to share ideas and information about their training with the group.

The group also offers:

  • Opportunity to pose clinical and/or training questions to the HLO and your peers
  • Find out about hospital registrar workshops and important events
  • Get to know your colleagues- other hospital based registrars training with GPTQ
  • Discover valuable resources for your GP training, exams and future career
  • Receive information about caring for yourself, first and foremost
  • Opportunity to network and form connections with your peers
  • Engage in clinical discussion and conversation
  • Help to prepare for GP terms in 2018 and beyond

Who should join?

We encourage all GPTQ registrars currently undertaking hospital based placements to join our group. There are currently 72 members (approximately 70% of your cohort) in the group. We would love to see that grow even more.

Are there any other Facebook groups you recommend?
The GPTQ GP registrars facebook group is another great option for when you commence your GP terms. You can find out more about this gp registrar facebook group here.