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AGPT Eligibility & Selection

What is the AGPT program?

What are GP fellowships and how do I get one?

What are the differences between the rural pathway and general pathway?

How do I apply for GP training with a 457 visa?

What types of specialised training do GP registrars do?

What are the prerequisite training requirements for a GP registrar?

Have I met my paediatric requirement to become a GP registrar?

Recognition of prior learning RPL

How do I get a GP placement?

Rural GP Training with GPTQ

Why I chose to train in rural Australia

What is it like to work in rural medicine?

How did you end up living in a rural area?

What are your working hours and on call arrangements?

Do you have access to medical networks and training?

Why rural medicine? General practice rural placement support

Do you feel supported?

Rural medicine as a mother and doctor

How is life for your partner and family?

What’s your quality of living like?

How do you spend your leisure time?

How have you found the social life?

Do you miss the city?

Advice for doctors new to rural medicine

Rural medicine in Queensland – Distances from major cities

Indigenous Health Training with GPTQ

Indigenous health training. Indigenous health, be the difference

Indigenous Health Training with GPTQ

GPTQ – Indigenous Health | Dr Lisa Fraser

GPTQ – Indigenous Health | Dr Cameron Halliday

National Sorry Day 2016

Working in an Aboriginal medical service – A registrar’s perspective