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Eight of the best podcasts for GPs

For GPs, time is a valuable commodity not to be wasted – and that’s why podcasts are such a great resource. Whether you’re in the car, on the train or just waiting at a café for a friend, podcasts are the ultimate portable learning resource. And here’s the clincher – you are able to earn CPD points for engaging with this type of online learning.

1. Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) podcast


Australia’s leading peer-reviewed journal offers a free podcast featuring interviews with researchers and other industry members about medical breakthroughs, potential avenues of future research and issues affecting the industry. Just how safe are nanoparticles in sunscreens? What can we do about unprofessionalism on social media? What do bats’ immune systems have to do with us? Explore all these questions and more as the MJA interviews the foremost doctors, professors and researchers in the industry.

2. Broome Docs Podcast

Broome Docs is intended to provide ” a single source of up-to-date educational material for country doctors. Country docs are “jacks of all trades”, GPs, Anaesthetists, part-time intensivists, O&G, Paeds, Psych… basically the doctors in the country who have to deal with whatever rolls in the door. You will find podcasts on intubation, contraception and early management of septic patients. The podcast has been a little irregular and with two podcasts for 2016, be aware you may be listening to slightly older material.

3. American Family Physician (AFP) podcast


In each podcast, the hosts summarise articles and features from the most recent issue of American Family Physician. Regular interviews with doctors and medical students from a range of backgrounds offer a fascinating insight into the diversity of the profession. The hosts also regularly answer questions from the Family Physicians Inquiries Network, an organisation developed to help family physicians access the information and tools to practice the highest standard of evidence-based family medicine. For new doctors, this is an excellent resource for developing your skills in interacting with patients and discussing medical issues from a layperson’s perspective.

4. ReachMD podcast


American-based ReachMD refers to itself as a ‘learning platform’ – and it’s an appropriate title. ReachMD features a range of podcast series, each focusing on a different aspect of medicine. While some of its podcasts are more suited to specialists, it’s easy to find great content for general practitioners. ‘What Your Patients Are Talking About’ looks at everyday medical issues from the patient’s perspective. In the ‘Primary Care Today’ series, each instalment is hosted by a different doctor, providing a specialist insight into problems and issues arising in general practice. ‘The JAMA Report’ shares current highlights from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Other series include ‘World Medical News’, ‘Everyday Family Medicine’ and ‘Clinician’s Roundtable’.

5. ABC Health Report with Norman Swan podcast


Dr Norman Swan has been keeping Australians up to date with the latest developments in health and medicine for decades. As a medically qualified journalist, he brings experience and knowledge to his discussion of health issues. The podcast is aimed at a non-medical audience, but therein lies part of the appeal – this different perspective sheds light on the social, political and economic aspects of medicine that doctors may not otherwise consider. Issues such as legalisation of medical marijuana, inequality in the health system and the use of technology in medical contexts require more than just a scientific perspective, and Dr Norman Swan is the perfect person to provide it.

6. Radio Headspace podcast


If there’s one thing all medical students and practitioners can agree on, it’s that the job comes with its fair share of stress. The National Youth Mental Health Foundation created HeadSpace to prevent and treat mental health issues in young people, but its resources are valuable at any age. One of their initiatives is a collection of podcasts looking at techniques and strategies to promote wellbeing. Their series on stress and anxiety includes titles such as ‘Don’t let stress hold you back’, ‘How meditation makes work suck less’ and ‘How I found my way through anxiety’.

7. Harvard Business Review (HBR) IdeaCast podcast


Quite rightly, medical knowledge and skills are taught first and foremost in most medical schools. But business and leadership acumen are important for GPs too. Podcasts discuss topics like how to achieve peak performance, seek advice, achieve work/life balance and make better decisions. But it doesn’t have to end there. The IdeaCast can help improve your productivity and wellbeing in many areas of your life.

8. Sawbones podcast


What about those times you just want a bit of comic relief? Enter Sawbones, an American podcast that proves medicine doesn’t always have to be serious. Touted as ‘A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine’, Sawbones features Dr Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin covering the most weird and wonderful events and discoveries in the history of medicine. From poop to pimples, narcolepsy to nosebleeds, Sydnee and Justin take a look at the lighter side of medicine.