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We know that 75 per cent of Aussies check their Facebook page every day. So what better way to connect with your peers than via Facebook? Thanks to our Registrar Liaison Officer and rural GP, Dr Krystyna de Lange, registrars can share and discuss their work and lives in a private and safe online space via the GPTQ GP Registrar Facebook group.

We asked Krystyna for more details about the group – plus, her recommendations for other great groups you should join.

What’s the purpose of the Facebook group?

The GPTQ GP Registrar Facebook group was established in April 2017 to better facilitate communication between GP registrars and ultimately enhance their training experience.

The purpose of the group includes providing:

  • A safe environment for registrars to discuss difficult or interesting cases with their peers
  • An avenue for registrars to share learning experiences they feel may benefit other registrars
  • An opportunity for registrars to share learning resources
  • An avenue for the RLO and assistant RLOs to make announcements and reminders relevant to current GPTQ registrars
  • A way for registrars to ask training and practice related questions
  • An opportunity for social and professional networking

Who should join?

All GPTQ registrars currently undertaking GP placements are encouraged to join the group. There are currently 157 members in the group but we would love to see that grow to include all registrars.

How does the group help or support registrars?

General practice training can sometimes feel isolating. In the hospital system, you are surrounded day in, day out by colleagues at a similar stage of training to you. But when you enter general practice, you may be one of only one or two registrars at your practice. The Facebook group aims to bridge this isolation and help break the potential communication barrier. Furthermore, it enables registrars to keep up to date with current announcements and events relevant to their training.

Are there any other Facebook groups you recommend?

I recommend joining the GPTQ Exam Preparation Group once eligible before sitting your exams. I also recommend joining GPs Down Under (GPDU) and Health ProXchange for great professional sharing. For the mums out there, Medical Mums and Mums To Be is also a great forum. And for those with an interest in business and all things finance, Business for Doctors is also great.