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Become a training practice

Turn your clinic into a training practice for GP registrars

Become a training practice (featured image)

Become a GP training practice so that you can help shape our upcoming workforce.

At GPTQ, we offer support, resources and outstanding GP registrars to accredited training practices across southeast Queensland.

It’s great for a supervisor and the practice to have new, keen doctors coming in.

Dr Steve Kearney, GP Supervisor and Liaison Officer, Ningi

What is a GP training practice?

A training practice is an accredited general practice committed to teaching registrars and medical students. The practice must gain accreditation based on standards and requirements set by RACGP or ACRRM. This ensures these practices deliver high-quality medical education and training for their registrars.

Why become a training practice?

The benefits of becoming a training practice include:

  • Enhancing your clinic’s reputation, as you become a leader in medical education
  • Strengthening your bonds with other organisations involved in teaching registrars and medical students
  • Enhancing the teaching skills of you and your colleagues
  • Injecting fresh eyes and energy into your practice, which may help you constantly improve your processes and systems
  • Contributing to and shaping future generations of GPs
  • Building relationships with doctors who may return to your practice in the future

How do you become a training practice?

Firstly, you must have AGPAL or GPA accreditation. Next, the current GPTQ process to become a training practice involves:

  1. Your practice completes this Expression of Interest (EOI).
  2. The EOI is reviewed by our accreditation team.
  3. An application process is undertaken.
  4. An accreditation practice visit is arranged and report prepared for GPTQ.
  5. If approved, your practice is added to our online portals MyGPTQ and MyPLACEMENT.

Once approved, your practice is ready to start the process of welcoming registrars, in doing so, help shape the next generation of Australian GPs. We provide support and resources to guide you through the process.