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Train GP registrars in your practice

We work with more than 700 GP supervisors across our training region.

These dedicated doctors educate, inspire and support the next generation of GPs throughout their registrar training.

Registrars already have the knowledge to use in a general practice setting; it’s about filling in the gaps – the bits of knowledge not covered in the medical books or hospital system.

Dr Bruce Willett, GP Supervisor

What is a GP supervisor?

A GP supervisor teaches and supervises GP registrars. GP training is delivered via an apprentice style of teaching, which means that registrars are mostly taught on-the-job by experienced GPs. As such, we need quality GPs to step up and train our registrars.

In their day-to-day contact, GP supervisors share their learnings, best practices and insights on how to become a great doctor. GP supervisors also play an important mentoring role, encouraging reflection and feedback from registrars. They can also be the registrar’s ‘safe place’ to discuss challenges when dealing with patients, learning new skills, coping with the multiple demands of a clinical environment or advising on work–life balance.

A GP supervisor is responsible for helping their students gain confidence and competence by giving them comprehensive clinical experience and instilling a sense of professional responsibility. Tasks include helping registrars develop their learning plans and providing formal teaching, including regular tutorials. They also teach informally during opportunistic ‘corridor chats’ or over lunch.

Why become a GP supervisor?

There are many benefits to becoming a GP supervisor. These include:

  • The opportunity to share your clinical knowledge with the next generation of doctors
  • The opportunity to learn new skills
  • The opportunity to connect with a wider community of doctors at GPTQ
  • The opportunity to join a national network of doctors via GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA)
  • Gaining the clinical assistance of GP registrars in your practice

At GPTQ, we offer ongoing support and resources to our GP supervisors. You can read more about our GP educators, including our GP supervisors who are also liaison officers.

How do I become a GP supervisor?

Firstly, your facility needs to be accredited with GPTQ. Please refer to Becoming a Training Post to gain accreditation.

As an individual doctor within an accredited training facility, you may be eligible to become a GP supervisor if you:

  • Hold current, full, unrestricted registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • Are a Fellow or have equivalent experience
  • Have demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development as a GP
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance

If you meet the above criteria, please:

  1. Read the GPTQ Facility Accreditation Application Guide – RACGP and/or GPTQ Facility Accreditation Application Guide – ACRRM in conjunction with the RACGP and/or ACRRM Standards. The Standards can be accessed within the Guide.
  2. Complete the online GPTQ Facility Accreditation Application.

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