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Why train with GPTQ?

At GPTQ our focus is on delivering an exceptional GP education experience that is tailored to your individual needs. 

Small group learning

GPTQs District and Hub Model is centred around the delivery of highly nuanced, face-to-face teaching that occurs in small group settings. Our registrars are divided into these groups, which we call hubs, geographically. 

The goal is to have no more than 20 registrars per hub to ensure you benefit from individualised training and support and maximise your learning outcomes. 

The model is also designed to help you build your own community of practice. While training you will be developing strong peertopeer relationships and growing equally strong relationships with your educators and local medical staff. 

The hub’ will quickly become your share-point for advice, expertise and local knowledge.  

One-on-one support

Our medical education and support services teams will be with you every step of the way on your GP training journey. 

At the beginning you will meet with one of our medical educators to discuss your goals and plan your individual training pathway. You will then have bi-annual check-ins with this educator to ensure everything is on track and to work through any pathway adjustments, if they are needed. 

When you reach the practice environment you will be assigned your own GP supervisor. This established GP will be your personal training mentor. He or she will be there to guide and support you as you train. 

Registrar liaison officers are also in place to advocate for you as a junior member of the practice. Your appointed registrar liaison officer will make sure you have access to impartial support for issues relating to contracts, pay negotiations, communication, and personal matters. 

Exam preparation

Our pre-exam workshops will support you to be as prepared as possible for the college exams. We begin this preparation early by integrating clinical reasoning into the hub and district teaching program. This includes specific clinical reasoning sessions known as Stump-The-Chump, where you will meet with fellow registrars, along with supervisors and medical educators to review and analyse cases. 


Progress testing

Our regular progress testing exams, which are delivered three times a year, will help you to gauge how you are travelling with the training program. These exams also help our medical educators and supervisors to make early support interventions towards your success in the program. 

Emotional support

Tailoring pastoral care to your needs as you advance through your training journey with us is a priority. 

In addition to a range of mechanisms that we have in place for support within the hub model, we run self-care for doctors’ workshops and have developed our own series of pastoral care resources to cater for specific subsets within each training cohort, such as our rural and ADF registrars. 

Our commitment to you

Our Customer Service Charter demonstrates our commitment to provide every customer with professional, respectful and friendly levels of service. View our customer service charter.

Performance track record

We’re committed to supporting our registrars throughout their GP training journey with one-on-one support, exam preparation and progress testing. Take a look at our track record for registrar performance in exams over the last three years.

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