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Applying to AGPT as a Rural Generalist doctor

Queensland Health Rural Generalist doctors (featured image)

Doctors on the Queensland Health Rural Generalist program apply for GP training via the GP colleges.

We’ll be walking down the footpath and every person or every second person will greet me by name. My friends from Brisbane can’t get their head around that!

Dr Sue Masel, GP Supervisor and Rural Liaison Officer at GPTQ

Applying for GP training

At GPTQ, we welcome and support Queensland Health Rural Generalist doctors into our GP training program.

The application process for Queensland Health Rural Generalist doctors is the same as for other applicants, though Rural Generalist doctors need to apply only to the  Rural Pathway in their online application. Queensland Health Rural Generalist doctors are subject to the same competitive process as other applicants, meaning that a training place is not guaranteed.

Applicants should nominate the Regional Training Organisation (RTO) encompassing the geographical region where they intend to settle and complete their ACRRM PRRT / RACGP GP terms.  If necessary it may be possible to make arrangements to complete initial Hospital based components of training (H/CCT, AST) in the other Qld RTO.  It is recognised that Registrars do not have control over the region where such positions can be attained.

About Queensland Health Rural Generalist doctors

These doctors are part of a state-run program that encourages doctors to pursue careers in rural medicine. The program usually begins as a Medical student, though others do join at a later stage of career. Find out more about the Rural Generalist program at Queensland Health’s website. It should be noted that this is a different career path than medical graduates joining the Rural Pathway who are not in the Rural Generalist Program.