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Joint Applicants

Joint applicants (featured image)

Two doctors can apply for GP training together, ensuring they are placed in the same location.

Like individual doctors, joint applicants apply for GP training via the college where they wish to complete their fellowships.

When I came to Goondiwindi, there were three or four quite senior GPs in the practice, and there was a massive age gap to Matt (my husband) and me. We were new blood and young GPs, and they wanted to make the options attractive for GP registrars (who were coming through).

Dr Sue Masel, GP Supervisor and Rural Liaison Officer at GPTQ

Like in past years, AGPT is allowing joint applicants into its program for 2018. That means, for example, a married or de facto couple can apply for GP training together, ensuring that any placement is with the same provider on the same pathway.

How to complete a joint application for GP training

The application process for joint applicants is a similar process to applying as an individual applicant, with a few caveats.




Joint applicants are judged on the lowest scoring applicant.

If you and another doctor are interested in training with GPTQ together, get in touch to discuss your options. Email gptq@gptq.qld.edu.au