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Combine your ADF training with GP training

ADF doctors (featured image)

We have a proud history of training ADF doctors.

Doctors who are full-time members of the ADF can apply for training with GPTQ.

I had a pretty amazing time. As a doctor, I did a year in a support unit, then worked for a Light Infantry Battalion before working with the Special Forces. I worked with Commandos and the SAS in Afghanistan in 2006, working closely with an American surgical team.

Dr Steve Kearney, GP Supervisor and Liaison Officer at GPTQ

With Army and Air Force bases in our training region, we welcome doctors who are full-time ADF members into our GP training program each year. Because of the base locations, registrars who are in the ADF take the General Pathway, and combine their defence training with our medical training. GPTQ has a dedicated team that supports ADF registrars during their GP training.

Applying for GP training

ADF doctors apply for the AGPT program in the same way as non-ADF doctors. All applicants select their preferred training provider in their application, but ADF doctors must choose the training provider that corresponds with their ADF post. Where a registrar does not have a posting order for the year they are entering, they should apply to the RTO in the region where they will be working.

If you’re intending to train with GPTQ, get in touch to discuss your application and training options. Email gptq@gptq.edu.au. You also need to contact the ADF Directorate of Workforce Planning Development and Training (DWD&T) to notify them of your intention to apply for the AGPT program. Visit the ADF website for more information, or email mopcdc.secretariat@defence.gov.au.

Find information about the AGPT application process here.

Training requirements

ADF doctors undergo the same GP training program as our other registrars, completed in conjunction with military training. ADF commitments do inevitably impact on a Registrar’s journey through the program. To ensure that these do not compromise the quality of training, AGPT and the Colleges have incorporated some ADF specific policies. For more information, please review the AGPT ADF Policy.

Watch GP Dr Glen Farrow discuss his role as an Army medical officer