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Academic post registrars


Dr Isaac Tranter (University of Queensland) 

Patient perceptions of doctors accessing digital information during general practice consultations



Dr Siyaguna Ekanayake (University of Queensland) 

Western Queensland (WQ) eConsult Trial


Dr Neha Pandeya (University of Queensland) 

Identifying the correlates for suicidal thoughts in a cohort of urban Indigenous Australians: a cross-sectional study of 1 year of health assessment data from the Southern Queensland Centre of Excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care


Dr Isaac Tranter (University of Queensland) 

GP registrars’ experience with and barriers and facilitators to provision of immunization in Australians over 65 years



Dr Alison Green (University of Queensland) 

Diagnosing and providing initial management for patients with Gestational Diabetes: What is the General Practitioners’ experience?

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Dr John Jasinski (Bond University) 

The Effect of a New Coaching Model on Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout in General Practice Registrars


Dr Prathibha Jose (Bond University) 

Evaluation of General Practitioner’s current management of patients with overweight and obesity, to inform an educational intervention that may enhance General Practitioners’ capacity to improve patients’ diets and physical activity levels


Dr Hayley Thomas (University of Queensland)  

Practitioners’ Understanding of and Experiences Regarding Whole Person Care: A Qualitative Study



Dr Emma Pappalardo (University of Queensland) 

GP Registrars’ Exposure to Antenatal Care: identifying training needs and opportunities

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Dr Hayley Thomas (University of Queensland) 

A Systematic Review of Whole Person Care in General Practice: The Current Understanding of Whole Person Care and Factors Influencing its implementation

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Dr Ryan Williams (University of Queensland) 

Access to Mental Health Care in General Practice: A Qualitative Study of Patient Perspectives

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