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Meet GPTQ’s Board of Directors

We’re governed by a board comprising eight directors from diverse backgrounds. Each one brings expertise, experience and a passion for delivering an outstanding GP training program for our registrars.

Dr Eleanor Chew – Board Chair

Eleanor Chew is a GP with 30 years’ experience working in a variety of practice settings and locations across Australia.  Eleanor currently works at Ningi Doctors, a GPTQ Level 1 training practice.  Following the 2020 AGM, Eleanor was elected GPTQ Board Chair.

Eleanor has had a long involvement with GP training, assessment and quality standards through her past roles as RACGP Queensland Censor, Chair Vocational Training Standards Review, Vocational Training Accreditation Committee member and current FRACGP examiner.  Eleanor was on the RACGP Council (2010-2015), has served as RACGP Vice-President and Chair of Council and is the current RACGP Queensland Provost.

Eleanor brings sound governance skills to the GPTQ board.  She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Chair of AMA Queensland Board and Council.  She was a past director of the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Eleanor actively contributes to the advancement of quality general practice through her involvement on various committees and working groups at state and national level.

Dr Patricia (Trish) Baker – Deputy Chair and Governance Committee Chair

Trish Baker is a practice principal at two Brisbane practices. As an experienced GP supervisor, medical student preceptor, and clinical senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, she has a strong passion for GP training and medical education.

Current roles:

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member of GPTQ’s Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Deputy Chair of Brisbane North PHN
  • Chair of the BNPHN Clinical Council
  • Member of the BNPHN Governance Committee
  • Member of the QLD Faculty Board of RACGP
  • Director of Australian General Practice Alliance Ltd

Past roles:

  • Chair of General Practice Supervisors Australia

Dr Dilip Dhupelia – Chair of the Board FARM Committee

Dilip Dhupelia is a part-time General Practitioner in Toowong, Brisbane.

He is also the Chair of the GPTQ Board Finance, Audit & Risk Management (FARM) Committee.

Other current roles include:

  • Director of Medical and Clinical Services at Queensland Country Practice with Queensland Health
  • Chair of AMA Queensland Foundation
  • Member of the AMAQ Council of General Practice
  • Chair of the QIP Impartiality Committee of the AGPAL Group of Companies

Past roles:

  • AMA Queensland –  President and Board Director
  • Member of Federal AMA Council
  • Member of AMA Queensland Council
  • Member of the Federal AMA Council of Rural Doctors
  • Member of the Clinical Advisory Group of Brisbane North Primary Health Network
  • Board Chair and Board Director of General Practice Queensland/CheckUP
  • Board Chair of the GP Connections (Division of General Practice) Toowoomba

Mr Les Collins – Chair of the Board Aboriginal & Islander Health Training Advisory Committee, called the Kab-bai Committee

Les Collins is a pioneer in the field of addressing Indigenous health inequalities in Queensland. He helped develop a number of community controlled Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health services across Queensland.

For 20 years, Les was also the Queensland representative for the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, and a member of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party. This working party produced the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (NAHS) 1989. It was instrumental in addressing Indigenous health inequalities throughout Australia and led to vast improvements for Indigenous people. Among these initiatives was Australia’s first Indigenous Health Curriculum for General Practice which Les helped develop.

Current roles:

  • Chair of the Kab-bai Committee (GPTQ Board’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Advisory Committee)
  • Life Member of the Brisbane Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Service
  • Life Member of the Wuchopperen Health Service
  • Member of the Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Hall of Fame
  • Advisor to the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

Dr Graham McAllister

Graham McAllister is the principal GP of his Queensland Murgon practice. He is an experienced GP Supervisor and Board Director with more than forty years of experience in rural General Practice.

He serves as a director member of the Kab-bai Committee (GPTQ Board’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Advisory Committee) and is also a board member of the Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN. In addition, Graham is also an academic supervisor at the University of Queensland School of Medicine, Faculty of Rural and Remote Medicine.


Dr Andrew Cronin – Member of FARM and Governance Committee

Andrew Cronin is a Rural Generalist and brings many years of experience to his medical education duties from his work in Far North Queensland in small rural hospitals, Indigenous communities, aviation military medicine, and retrieval experiences.

Current roles:

  • Member of Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Member of the University of Queensland Ethics Committee
  • Chairperson of the Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine Working Group for ACRRM

Ms Karen Quaile – Member of FARM and Governance Committee

Karen has more than 28 years’ experience working in the not-for-profit sector and has held positions at senior management and deputy CEO level. Karen’s experience has contributed to positive change and excellence in financial and risk management across many organisations.

A strong belief that good governance within the health and community sectors enables organisations to deliver value and enhance quality of life, Karen is passionate about serving on the GPTQ Board and Committees.

Karen’s professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and graduate of the AICD. Karen has served a three-year term on the Board of GPTQ, three years on the GPTQ Finance Audit & Risk Management Committee and one year on the GPTQ Governance Committee.

Her past roles include being a board member, Chair of the FARM Committee and a member of the governance committee at the Brisbane North PHN (BN PHN).

Dr Paul Stevenson – Registrar Representative

Paul is a current GP registrar with GPTQ and is expected to complete his general practice training in February 2022. He is excited to provide the GPTQ Board with a current registrar perspective on key issues affecting the organisation during this time of important changes to general practice training. Paul holds degrees in Economics, Law and Medicine and was a practising lawyer before he became a doctor. He also worked in financial services as an equities analyst prior to medicine.

Current roles:

  • Member of the Kab-bai committee (GPTQ Board’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Advisory Committee

GPTQ Board of Directors’ Schedule of Competencies

Our GPTQ Board of Directors maintains a checklist of competencies to ensure that the Board can perform the required duties and exercise the conferred powers of the Board in the most effective and efficient way.

The current GPTQ Board of Directors’ Schedule of Competencies is as follows:

Schedule of Required Competencies

GPTQ desires a skills-based Board that appropriately reflects gender diversity. It is the intention of the Company that the Directors collectively have the necessary competencies to allow them to undertake the powers and perform the duties of Directors in an effective and efficient manner. This Schedule of Required Competencies contains a list of the skills, attributes, work, other experience, formal qualifications and memberships of professional bodies that are collectively desired by the Board.

Attributes and Skills Target Number
1. Gender Balance No fewer than 3 persons from either gender
2. Practising General Practitioner 4
3. Fellowship of RACGP 1
4. Fellowship of ACRRM 1
5. At the time of election, current/recent (within 2 years) experience as a General Practitioner academic in the medical school of a GPTQ member university 1
6. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 5 years) practising GP in MM1–MM2 in the GPTQ region with a least 3 years of experience in that region 1
7. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 5 years) practising GP in MM3–MM5 in the GPTQ region with a least 3 years of experience in that region 1
8. Experience as an accredited GP Supervisor or trainer for at least the previous
3 years, including at least 1 year of training Registrars in their first FTE year of GP experience
9. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 2 years) GPTQ registrar 1
10. An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person with more than 5 years of management experience working in the field of ATSI health 1
11. A person who has recent experience as a CEO or at least 3 years of experience as a director on the board of an organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $15m 3
12. Risk and compliance experience as evidenced by being a member of a risk and/or compliance committee of an organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $6 million for 3 years or more or 3 years or more experience as a risk and compliance manager 1
13. Demonstrable knowledge and experience in leadership and delivery of rural health policy 1
14. Rural Generalist 1

Note: It is acknowledged that given different skills and attributes relating to General Practice are being sought, some Directors will have more than one skill and/or attribute.