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Meet CSQTC’s Board of Directors and Company Secretary

We are governed by a Board of nine Directors who come from a wide range of backgrounds. They each bring expertise, experience, linkages and a passion for delivering the best GP training program possible to the Board. Our current Board of nine Directors, listed in alphabetical order of surname is as follows.

Dr Lisa Beecham – Chair of the 2017 Board Nominations Committee

Lisa Beecham has a medical degree and FRACGP. She has worked in General Practice since 1997. Lisa is the Chair of the General Practice Gold Coast (GPGC) Board and Chair of the Clinical Council for GC PHN. She also works as a part-time role as GP Lead for Continuous Quality Improvement for the Gold Coast Primary Health Network.

Lisa is also a Director member of the CSQTC Board Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee and is the Chair of the 2017 CSQTC Board Nominations Committee.

Lisa’s experience in, and commitment to quality healthcare services for patients and the community; quality education and training; and quality corporate governance as a Board Director and Board Chair is of great benefit to CSQTC.

Mr Les Collins – Chair of the Board Aboriginal & Islander Health Training Advisory Committee, called the Kab-bai Committee

Les Collins is one of the pioneers to address Indigenous health inequalities in Queensland. He helped develop a number of community controlled Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health services across Queensland. For 20 years, Les was the Queensland representative for the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (formerly National Aboriginal & Islander Health Organisation) and was a member of the National Aboriginal Health Strategy Working Party which produced the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (NAHS) 1989.

For many years the NAHS was the official policy and action framework for addressing Indigenous health throughout Australia which led to many improvements in services for Indigenous people. Among these initiatives was Australia’s first Indigenous Health Curriculum for General Practice which Les helped develop.

Les is the Chair of the Kab-bai Committee (GPTQ Board’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Training Advisory Committee), a singer/songwriter and occasionally facilitates various types of Indigenous community meetings in Queensland.

Dr Dilip Dhupelia – Chair of the Board FARM Committee

Dr Dhupelia is the Clinical Director of Queensland Country Practice, Rural and Remote Medical Support Unit within the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service. He also serves as a part-time general practitioner in Toowong, Brisbane. Dilip is the Chair of the CSQTC Board Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee and a Member of the Clinical Advisory Group of Brisbane North Primary Health Network.

His AMA roles include Board Director, Councillor and Chair of Governance Committee AMA Queensland; member of the AMA Queensland Council of General Practice; member of the Federal AMA Council of General Practice; and a member of the Federal AMA Council of Rural Doctors.

Dilip has also served as Board Chair and Board Director of General Practice Queensland/CheckUP, and of the GP Connections Division of General Practice.

Dr Michael Donohue

Michael Donohue has worked in general practice in Yeppoon, Queensland since 1986. During that time, he has been involved in teaching and supervising nursing and medical students, GP Registrars and PGPPP junior house officers. He has been a Director of the Board of Capricornia Division of General Practice and has served for four years as its Board Chair.

Michael also served as a Director of the Board of General Practice Queensland (now called CheckUP), including two years as Chair of its Governance Committee. He is Chair of Central QLD Local Medical Association, a member of Central Qld Clinical Council, and a member of Central Queensland Health Pathways Project Committee.

Michael is also a Director member of the CSQTC Board Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Dr Graham McAllister

Graham McAllister is the principal GP of his Murgon Practice in Queensland. In 2013 he was named as Innovative Health Professional of the Year by Darling Downs South West Queensland (DDSWQ) Medicare Local. Graham is an experienced GP Supervisor and Board Director with in excess of 35 year of experience in rural General Practice.

His experience as an academic supervisor of the University of Queensland School of Medicine Faculty of Rural and Remote Medicine; his post-graduate studies in musculoskeletal medicine, skin cancer, pain management and urinary incontinence; and his experience and commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services provision, bring valuable skills to the GPTQ Board.

Dr Melanie Hansen

Melanie Hansen is a GP currently working in Clayfield, Queensland. She has been a member of the GPTQ Board since 2012, initially elected as a Registrar representative prior to completing her RACGP fellowship in 2013. Melanie is also a current member of the RACGP Expert Committee for Pre Fellowship Education.

Melanie has also previously trained and worked extensively as a Registered Nurse in aged care. Prior to her career in health, she had been a piano teacher for many years, owning and operating a music school with her husband.

Melanie also brings experience as a former CSQTC GP Registrar to the CSQTC Board.

Dr Eleanor Chew

Dr Patricia (Trish) Baker

Dr Rick Sapsford – Acting Board Chair

Rick Sapsford holds a medical degree and a masters in general practice psychiatry, Rick serves as principal GP at both Albany Hills Radius Medical Centre and “Your Healthy Mind” psychiatry treatment and research centre. Rick brings experience as a GP Supervisor with a strong commitment to: vertical and horizontally integrated training; the apprenticeship model of training; and the vital importance strategies and resources that proactively support the healthcare needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, and of rural and remote patients, and their communities to the CSQTC Board.

Rick provides significant experience corporate governance for CSQTC through his service as a former CSQTC Board Chair, including during its establishment phase, and as a former and current CSQTC Deputy Board Chair to the CSQTC Board.

CSQTC Company Secretary

Ms Kirsten Kiel-Chisholm

Kirsten is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and a company secretary. She has a Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance from Chartered Secretaries Australia and is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia.

Prior to becoming a company secretary, Kirsten worked as a corporate lawyer in private practice providing advice on a broad range of legal transactions and issues. Kirsten provides company secretarial support and corporate governance advice to the Board.

CSQTC Board of Directors’ Schedule of Competencies

Our CSQTC Board of Directors maintains a checklist of competencies to ensure that the Board can perform the required duties and exercise the conferred powers of the Board in the most effective and efficient way.

The current GPTQ Board of Directors’ Schedule of Competencies is as follows:

Schedule of Required Competencies

The Board desires to have a skills-based Board that appropriately reflects gender diversity. It is the intention of the Company that the Directors collectively have the necessary competencies to allow them to undertake the powers and perform the duties of Directors in an effective and efficient manner. This Schedule of Required Competencies contains a list of the skills, attributes, work and other experience, formal qualifications and memberships of professional bodies which are collectively desired by the Board.

Attributes and Skills Target Number
1. Gender Balance No fewer than 3 persons from either gender
2. Practising General Practitioner 4
3. Fellowship of RACGP 1
4. Fellowship of ACRRM 1
5. At the time of election, current/recent (within 2 years) experience as a General Practitioner academic in the medical school of a CSQTC member university 1
6. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 5 years) practising GP in RA1–RA2 in the CSQTC region with a least 3 years of experience in that region 1
7. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 5 years) practising GP in RA3–RA5 in the CSQTC region with a least 3 years of experience in that region 1
8. Experience as an accredited GP Supervisor or trainer for at least the previous
3 years, including at least 1 year of training Registrars in their first FTE year of GP experience
9. At the time of election, a current/recent (within 2 years) CSQTC registrar 1
10. An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person with more than 5 years of management experience working in the field of ATSI health 1
11. A person who has recent experience as a CEO or at least 3 years of experience as a director on the board of an organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $15m 3
12. Risk and compliance experience as evidenced by being a member of a risk and/or compliance committee of an organisation with an annual turnover in excess of $6 million for 3 years or more or 3 years or more experience as a risk and compliance manager 1
13. Demonstrable knowledge and experience in leadership and delivery of rural health policy 1

Note: It is acknowledged that given different skills and attributes relating to General Practice are being sought, some Directors will have more than one skill and/or attribute.