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Questionnaires and feedback forms might not be your idea of a good time, but there is no doubt they help create a responsive GP training program for registrars and supervisors. Here are four reasons why being involved in formal feedback will help you to get what you want while improving your own performance.

1. More respondents makes the data more meaningful

Feedback is most useful when the response rates are high because it provides a more accurate and reliable picture of what is actually going on. If more people respond, the data can be relied on to make significant changes. If the response is low, it is more difficult to rely on one or two responses to make big changes.

Improvements happen through honest responses. Sometimes collecting enough responses takes time and changes are only seen by the next cohort of registrars, but without feedback it’s more difficult to get a snapshot of the whole picture.

2. It’s a good opportunity to reflect

Critically analysing what worked and what didn’t work for you provides the opportunity to self-reflect and understand how your own learning and progress can be improved. Regular reflection is an important skill for self-guided GP learning and supervision.

3. Share your voice

Every additional piece of feedback GPTQ (or other institutions) receives helps to provide a reliable picture of the program. Your feedback might be the missing piece of the puzzle, and highly important. Positive feedback is just as important as negative. Without providing feedback, your valuable challenges and successes are omitted from the overall picture.

4. You’re best placed to have good ideas

Registrars and supervisors in the program are best placed to understand how to fix what isn’t working. Sharing your ideas for solving problems you face allows your voice to be heard and meaningful changes to be made. The best ideas come from those who are in the program.

Feedback due

Supervisors feedback reports are due July 27. All supervisors should have received an email with instructions. Contact your district administration team if you have questions.

Registrar feedback reports will be emailed to registrar July 16 and are due back August 3.